Learning To Speak Guitar: A Luthier’s Thesaurus is an impressive presentation of form and function of our beloved guitar...analogies are plentiful, and offer familiar references to the non-musician and non-luthier who otherwise may be completely in the dark. For those experienced guitarists and luthiers the text offers insights as to how they may be perceived by each other and the general public."
— Bob Benedetto, Founder of Benedetto Guitars.

This book is thorough, even-handed, and accurate: in short, a useful tool…” 
—Tony Creamer, Owner of Fretted Instrument Workshop, Amherst, MA.

"Written with a clear passion for the instrument in all it's forms. This is a book for someone who would like to wander neck-deep into the world of the guitar: it's history, sources, precedents purpose, materials, construction, influence and poetry. It is very well done."
—Guitar Buff (an Amazon user)

"Nathan Richardson has done the admirable job of building a verbal and lingual bridge between the owners and players of the guitar, and the builders and technicians (Luthiers) that construct, repair and maintain these popular musical instruments.  His meticulously researched document assembles a common language that can be effectively used to communicate with all friends, musicians, devotees and custodians of this most universal and accessible of musical companions."
Christopher S. Robinson, Master Piano Restorer (retired) and flat-top guitarist